Sunday, March 01, 2009

New Journal: Writing Systems Research

There is a new journal on writing systems coming up.


Writing Systems Research will provide an invaluable source of information for anyone involved in writing systems research, providing a unique selection of the latest developments in all relevant disciplines. For instance, informing psychologists about the latest thinking in linguistic analysis of writing systems, educators about the latest findings on the cognitive consequences of different writing systems, and linguists about developments in the neurolinguistics of reading and writing. In particular, the journal will reflect the range of writing systems across the globe in a balanced way. [Quoted from the publisher's website]

Writing Systems Research

[via LINGUIST List]

Restarting Posting/更新再開

It's a shame I've been away from this blog for 10 months, missing out lots of interesting stuff related to writing systems. I'll try to get back on track and perhaps write a few posts about past events that are too significant to let go unmentioned. Many thanks to the readers.