Sunday, April 01, 2007

Welcome to K's Writing System Research Blog!

I am a postgraduate student doing research on the Japanese writing system from a linguistic perspective. I started this blog to collect (and, hopefully, provide) information about research on the world's writing systems.

In the past decades there has been an upsurge of academic interest in linguistic issues related to aspects of writing systems. These issues are being actively explored by specialists, discussed on various occasions and published as journal articles and books. We can access a wide range of information about these activities at ease through useful websites run by organisations and individuals. However, there are so many fragments of information dispersed over the Internet that it is quite difficult to go through everything and remain updated.

This blog is basically intended as a personal notebook which I will use for coping with the situation described above. Nevertheless, I will keep it open to anyone who finds the contents interesting, useful or both. Most posts will be brief notes on or reminders of events, publications and media reports related to writing system research. At times I will also post notes on other miscellaneous issues. The posts will be archived and sorted by topic for an easy access.

While I will try to be very careful about the fitness of each post, it will be greatly appreciated if you could kindly notice me of any flaw or inadequate content. In case you want to contact me, please leave comments on specific posts or give me a general feedback. Suggestions will be most welcome.

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