Monday, January 28, 2008

New Book: Remembering the Kanji 3 (Second Edition)

Book Title/書籍タイトル:
Remembering the Kanji 3: Writing and Reading Japanese Characters for Upper-Level Proficiency (Second Edition)

James W. Heisig & Tanya Sienko

University of Hawai`i Press

Available from the publisher's website.

Students who have learned to read and write the basic 2,000 characters run into the same difficulty that university students in Japan face: The government-approved list of basic educational kanji is not sufficient for advanced reading and writing. Although each academic specialization requires supplementary kanji of its own, a large number of these kanji overlap. With that in mind, the same methods employed in volumes 1 and 2 of Remembering the Kanji have been applied to 1,000 additional characters determined as useful for upper-level proficiency, and the results published as the third volume in the series. [Quoted from the publisher's website]

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