Monday, January 28, 2008

Writing Systems Syllabi (via LINGUIST List)

Peter T. Daniels, co-editor of The World's Writing Systems (1996), has posted the following message on LINGUIST List (19.261):

World's Writing Systems (1996) の編著者の一人であるPeter T. Daniels氏が、LINGUIST List (19.261) に以下のメッセージを投稿されています:

Subject: Writing Systems Syllabi

I have been a scholar of writing systems for 20+ years, but I am not a teacher. The opportunity has arisen to perhaps submit a proposal for a textbook on writing systems, so I would appreciate the opportunity of examining syllabi for one-semester (or one-quarter) courses on writing systems that have been taught by linguists, and I am not aware of any repository of such syllabi.

Thus: I would appreciate receiving any syllabus -- the more detailed the better -- that has been used for a course in writing systems.

Thank you.

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